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About Us


Naco Energy Africa Ltd, was established in 2015, its CEO Mr. Washington Karigithe has a long term business experience in Eastern Central Africa as CEO of Steelex Ltd. - Kenya.

In the last few years due to the demands of energy in most of the African Countries, we decided to concentrate our efforts in finding unconventional technologies of electrical energy.

We have already started to work with a number of innovative companies worldwide which have developed a significant energy Surplus with unbeatable advantages such as:

·        No burning of fossil fuels

·         Zero Co2 or other emissions

·         No dependent on extremely influences such as sun, wind or tidal

·         Base load production of renewable, electrical energy


Technologies we are currently working with:

·       PSC – Plasma Converter Systems

·       KPP  - Kinetic Power Plants


·   Future Presentation : Light energy extracted from hydrogen : Algae biomass to biodiesel...